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the president's mortgage modification program

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The Word 'Underwater' Gets New Dictionary Meaning | The Truth ...
Aug 15, 2012 . In recent years, new words (or jargon really) tied to the ongoing credit and mortgage crisis have found their way into fancy official dictionaries.

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Definition of Underwater Mortgage | LoanSafe
Nov 19, 2009 . Today, in our economic crisis the term underwater mortgage is being used more than ever before. When a homeowner is left with more debt on .

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Fannie and Freddie reject mortgage loan ... - Chicago Tribune
Aug 1, 2012 . In Illinois, 357,000 homeowners with Fannie- or Freddie-backed mortgages are underwater, meaning they owe more on their loan than the .,0,6322482.story


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What is an Underwater Mortgage?
An underwater mortgage leaves the owner with more debt on the property than the . I think you left out the most appropriate definition how getting underwater .

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Housing's Last Chance? -
Jul 9, 2012 . Astonishingly, every second home is underwater, meaning the homeowner owes more on the mortgage than the house is worth. It is well .


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How to Define "Underwater Mortgage" | Home Guides | SF Gate
Learn the basic definition of an underwater mortgage. A homeowner who has greater debt (larger mortgage amount) than her house is worth (as defined by the .

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Can Eminent Domain Save Underwater Homeowners? - Economic ...
Jul 27, 2012. for the government to help homeowners with underwater mortgages. . Calif., half of the houses are "underwater," meaning the houses are .


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Questions and answers on the mortgage settlement - USA Today
Feb 9, 2012 . A: Borrowers would have to be late on their mortgages or at risk of default. They would also have to be underwater, meaning they owe more on .

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6 Strategies for Dealing with an Underwater Mortgage - US News ...
Oct 7, 2011 . A report released last month by CoreLogic showed that 10.9 million residential properties with a mortgage were underwater (meaning the .


Underwater Mortgages and the Odd Definition of the Experian Study ...
Strategic default models expect people to eat cat food rather than walk away from their house. From the Wall Street Journal: Study: Nearly One in Five Mortgage .

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Underwater borrowing: Mortgage refinance program picks up steam ...
Sep 2, 2012 . Or their house has lost so much value that they're “underwater” — meaning they owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth. A federal .

Underwater Mortgage definition and meaning - Define Underwater ...
Underwater Mortgage definition - What does Underwater Mortgage mean? Underwater Mortgage occurs when homeowners owe more on their house than it is .

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What does it mean to be underwater on a mortgage
Being underwater means, as a homeowner, you owe more on your mortgage than the house is worth. With the current economic issues, they (CNN Money) say .

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6 strategies for dealing with an underwater mortgage - MSN Real ...
Nearly 11 million homeowners are underwater — meaning they owe more on their mortgage than the property is worth — according to the most recent data from .

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Underwater Mortgage Definition | Investopedia
A home purchase loan with a higher balance than the free-market value of the home. This situation prevents the homeowner from selling the home unless s/he .

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mortgage underwater | Real Estate Investors Daily
According to the report, 18 percent of people in the U.S. that are current on their home mortgage are underwater, meaning they owe more on their home than it is .

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More than 13% of Birmingham mortgages are underwater ...
Sep 12, 2012 . More than 13% of Birmingham mortgages are underwater . quarter were underwater – meaning borrowers owe more on their mortgages than .

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