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Before Driving a Zipcar, Consider Liability Insurance -
Apr 22, 2011 . Would it be so hard to give customers the option to buy a lot more coverage for a bit more money? Zipcar has known about this issue for many .

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Zipcar insurance | Felix Salmon
Sep 5, 2006 . So get out the glasses and check your credit card's fine print. But of course . Zipcar, chances are that Zipcar's insurance policy will cover it.

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What insurance coverage should I buy to supplement Zipcar's ...
I'm currently covered for: * Bodily Injury Liability * Property Damage . What you might want to look into isn't more auto coverage, instead a .


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Hey Zipcar, Suppose Car Rental -- By Hour, By Day -- is Just a ...
Apr 25, 2012 . Little Zipcar (ZIP), the upstart in the car rental space, and mighty Hertz Global ( HTZ) got . SUBSCRIBE AND GET THE NEW FORBES 400 ISSUE! . dollars of car insurance, expensive campus parking and gas/maintenance.

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How comprehensive is Zipcar's insurance? | Felix Salmon
Jun 15, 2010 . And if Zipcar starts to get a reputation for sticking its customers with damages after telling them that they had comprehensive insurance, that's .


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What's included? Benefits beyond business car leasing – Zipcar for ...
Employees and employers alike can enjoy the benefits of Zipcar; such as included gas and insurance – An alternative to business car leasing that works for .

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Zipcar pays for assigned parking, maintenance, insurance, and even gas. Zipcar also guarantees its members they will get the car they reserve, unlike rental car .


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8. With ZipCar Don't Buy Gas or Insurance - YouTube
Sep 22, 2010 . This is my experience with the car sharing service ZipCar. There are 10 small clips that chronicle the entire experience so take a look. You can .

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Zipcar damages rule has a big flaw - Jun. 1, 2011
Jun 1, 2011 . Zipcar's 'simple' rental rules have one big flaw: What happens when a car is damaged between reservations? . before your insurance adjuster or lawyer can inspect the vehicle. . How to get an iPhone 5 with unlimited data .


Zipcar insurance, part 2 | Felix Salmon
Feb 8, 2007 . What's more, buying liability insurance costs some. $300 per year – four times the cost of Zipcar membership. I don't know. how many times the .

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Carsharing.US: Zipcar Insurance Coverage
Feb 9, 2007 . Insurance is just part of your Zipcar membership. Nice, huh? Like you may expect , if you do get into an accident that damages a Zipcar, or if the .

Zipcar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zipcar drop/pick up area downtown Washington, D.C.. . However, members can purchase no-liability insurance for an additional $75 .

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Hertz Takes Aim at Zipcar | Hybrid Cars
Dec 28, 2008 . The move puts pressure on Zipcar, currently the leader in self-service . and $80/ mo insurance for my Camry (which I bought used with no money down). . If you need a car for your daily commute, you should just buy one.

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What's the deal with insurance? - Zipcar
For Zipcar members 21 years of age or older, our insurance coverage consists of a . have the option to purchase a damage fee waiver to reduce that amount or .

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Is Zipcar offering too little insurance? « Quomodocumque
Apr 24, 2011 . Drivers under 21 get much less coverage. Zipcar would have to pay a lot of money to provide $300,000 in coverage to less-experienced .

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FAQs - Zipcar
Where the Cars Are. Is car sharing for you? Looking to replace car ownership or just curious about car sharing rates? Zipcar's gotcha covered. Click on a city for .

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Zipcar insurance coverage only provides the minimum (NY Times ...
Apr 22, 2011 . If you're driving a Zipcar and get into a serious-injury collision that is your fault, would you be financially protected under the insurance .

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